10 Good Reasons

… why you will benefit from having Mike as your coach:


 1. Inspiration

I will provide a ‘jump-start’ for you if you’re just getting started. If you’re an experienced runner I’ll inspire you to achieve your best.

 2. System

I am like a good chef. They have a methodology and a system – a committed runner who follows my system is bound to improve.

 3. Planning

Proper planning helps sharpen a runner’s goal. I will help pick goals that are realistic and design training plans to achieve those goals, both long term and short term. This frees you to concentrate on the activity rather than the planning of it – that provides better focus.

 4. Advice

Every runner needs advice. At the beginning it’s coaching. After awhile it’s about giving advice. You’ll develop to the point where you won’t rely on me for every decision. Every runner needs someone there to guide them with those decisions. One key role is advising runners is that of picking races, particularly knowing when to say no to a certain race etc. But average runners need similar help to avoid over-racing.

 5. Injury Prevention

I am a coach who monitors a runners progress, then recognizing when the runner begins to show signs of the fatigue from over-training that often precedes any injury. I’ll stand beside the track during a hard interval workout and call halt, whereas an uncoached runner might plunge ahead. If and when injuries do occur, I can chart a course of rehabilitation and call upon the best medical advice to affect a cure. My most important role may be preventing over-training, which leads to injury, which puts a runner out of commission.

 6. Plateau Busting

Sooner or later, all runners reach the point when they fail to improve. Want to get off a plateau? I will suggest different types of training that will allow you to climb upward to a new level of performance. If a runner stays the same, he or she is only doing what is fun. If distance is fun, they never do any speed work for example.

 7. Checklist

I will keep you on track by making certain you follow the system and plan. I’ll remember where you are heading. I will have a checklist of what’s important about different phases of the training plan, so when it comes time to do a specific workout I will remind you what you are trying to achieve. This frees you to concentrate on the actual training itself

 8. Feedback

I will evaluate your training. I’ll never doubt your training. If you are worried that you haven’t quite done enough, you might think, ‘Gee, I better do more’ – having me as your coach, I will prevent that from happening – the unbiased observer.

 9. Cheerleader

Your muscles run on glycogen, but your mind often runs on praise and encouragement. I will be emotionally helpful whether a good or bad run or race. I’ll offer a pat on the back for starters, then late after you’ve digested your disappointment, the two of us can sit down and analyze why the bad run or race. If a good race, you’ll have someone to celebrate with!

 10. Fun!

I will make training fun by varying what you do – even where you train.
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