Coaching Fees

– Your Personalized Training Program

  • a monthly personalized program – adjustments made as necessary
  • we start with a free one hour initial consultation to assess your situation and provide a framework for the most effective program for you to reach your goals
  • we meet face-to-face every week for 45 – 60 minutes
  • includes
    • unlimited e-mail contact and phone contact
    • assistance with goal setting
    • nutrition guidance
    • handouts including 17 pages covering mental training
  • this program requires a minimum 3 month commitment
  • the all-inclusive fee is $250 every 4 weeks
  • full payment due one week in advance
  • 30 day written notice required if canceling
– The Sounding Board
suited for those who would like guidance and on-going feedback with their training and racing, but not a personalized program
– $200/$225 per month
– Personal Consultation
in person: $75 per 45 minutes
by phone: $50 per 30 minutes

Prices subject to change

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