Kilian Jornet Thoughts

1. before and during a race focus on running with a DETERMINATION on your face

2. let your playful spirit emerge

3. just pure PASSION for being in the outdoors

4. run trails for FUN, for the JOY of mingling with nature

5. eat organic food

6. chocolate and sweets?….if you train a lot of hours you can burn it all!!

7. on your hill assaults rely on our own body fat to fuel your efforts

8. you need to take risks sometimes in life to grow and to discover things

9. winning is good  for the ego temporarily; losing is good for the soul and for LEARNING; what you learn stays with you longer than what our ego can say

” When I am in the mountains I know that it is dangerous, but it’s FUN, it’s where I feel that I am PEACEFUL. It’s where I come PLAY.  It’s where I come to SING. It’s where I really ENJOY ”

Remember! It is very important that you watch out for your health. Several of the points here cover it of course, but there are many varied ways of ensuring you are taking care of yourself. I even take a natural health supplement that has been working great for me. It is very effective, I highly recommend it. If you would like to see if it is right for you too you can Find Out Here.


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