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My Motto:   ‘winning isn’t everything, but making the EFFORT to win IS’ – Vince Lombardi


As your running coach I will offer you the spirit and feeling that you can become a better runner. My coaching is action-focused, result-orientated and outcome-based. I will challenge you to prioritize, and then move forward. I will look for blind spots, bad habits, destructive self-talk and limiting beliefs that keep you from performing your best at running.

As your coach I will share my experiences, what I have learned that has worked for me. I am not going to be thrown off track by things that may throw you off track. We’ll work as a team to make your running easier and more fun, and then I will assist you in evaluating and adjusting a running program along the way. I have the training, experience, wisdom, insight, intuition and passion necessary to coach you.

My goal is to help you to achieve your goal(s) and help you priority-set. An ‘in-person’ session will allow me, as a coach, to make instantaneous changes based on seeing you do a repetition of an exercise or workout. With a personal contact, there’s customization involved for your specific needs. I will offer you a running program that takes personality, skill level, personal and work schedule into account.

I’m more that just a coach!

I have developed a talent for getting the best from the runners I coach – helping people lead a more efficient running lifestyle. I don’t coach running, I coach people. I develop a relationship with all my runners. It’s about making them better. I am straight-forward and I let runners know where they stand.

I am a great communicator and a very honest person who tells it like it is. If a person is running or training poorly, I will tell them and if they are running well, I will give them credit. I know when to give a runner a pat on the back and when to give them a kick in the pants! I have my runners believing in themselves and believing in the running program.

Every decision I make and every behavior I display is based first on what I judge is best for you, and second on what may improve the your chance of doing your best. I understanding the psychology associated with running. You can talk about anything and seek out my advice on matters that takes your outside the realm of running. I have compassion and empathy and I am able to listen and support. I will develop a drive in you where both of us will always focus on what you can control.

Personal excellence comes from ‘within’ and it is controlled by training smart, by preparing well, by mental preparation.

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