Mike’s Profile


Birth date Feb. 13, 1952
Residence Victoria, B.C. Canada
Experience 37 marathons, 16 Ultra-marathons
Started Running April, 1989
Favorite Place to Run Gowlland/Tod
Favorite Race White River 50
Favorite local race Oak Bay 1/2 Kool Marathon
Favorite quote ‘you control the effort, not the result’


I completed my first marathon in Honolulu in 1990. This first marathon sparked over two decades of running including 37 marathons and 16 ultramarathons, including 2 Leadville 100 Trail Races. Based on my experience, I decided to start coaching. This was a natural progression for me, as my passion and excitement for running are evident to everyone I meet.

Currently I coach private clients with a highly customized and hands-on approach. This approach ensures that each program I create is as unique as the individual.

I believe that a good coach takes more than training into account when achieving goals. I am a strong believer in the mental and nutritional aspects that accompany top performance.

We’ll work as a team to make your running easier and more fun, and then I’ll assist you in evaluating and adjusting a running program along the way.

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