Why Coaching?


  • Are you ready to take your running and training to the next level?
  • Are you new to running?
  • Are you an experienced runner?

A running coach will help you avoid over-training and injury by having you follow a structured program.

A coach will fast-track your learning curve and make sure you don’t make any fundamental errors in your preparation.

A coach will help you refine your regime and implement new training ideas to help you break through to new levels in performance. It’s a great service, having your training planned out for you around your busy life and work schedule – eliminates the guess work and saves time.

These days, people are hiring experts, similar to an accountant, a lawyer, or a doctor – a running coach provides a service.

A running coach will effectively communicate the skill sets of running. A coach will set up an initial meeting to discuss your goals, history, health, where you’ve been and where you are going with your running and what you expect from him as a coach- this meeting helps both of you to see if it’s a fit.

A good coach will create a running program to help you understand the principles behind training to eventually adopt your own program. He will apply his knowledge, experience and background to help you attain a new level of vitality, fitness and balance in your life.

A coach will provide access to a network of health professionals -physiotherapist, nutritionists, chiropractors, all enhance training. It’s a team approach. He will help you put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

A coaches fee covers nutritional and equipment advice, injury prevention, rehabilitations training, mental training, motivation, inspiration, race preparation, debriefing and more.

With a coach you receive a face-to-face, hands on training which is more valuable then generic running programs found in running books. There is something to be said for having to answer to somebody – accountability.

A coach provides friendly encouragement, support and inspiration to get you out the door.

Working with a coach comes down to a matter of chemistry as to whether or not a coach and yourself can and will work successfully together.

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